The Fundamentals

The Robert Frost Public Charter School provides a 21st Century classroom that utilizes a unique approach to teaching that will meet individual students where they are academically, socially and emotionally and help them to gain new skills at their own pace.

This public charter school blends the instructional strategy of Project-Based Learning with the Montessori educational philosophy and curriculum to create a unique educational model that creates a 21st century classroom. In our mixed-age classrooms teachers act as learning guides that motivate students to actively engage in their own learning as they master new skills through individualized, hands-on activities and large-group collaborative experiences based on real projects.

The primary goal of the Robert Frost Public Charter School is to help every child reach his/her full potential to become independent, lifelong learners who take responsibility for themselves, for their classmates and for their surrounding environment. During their educational journey, students will work with teachers to develop personal learning plans that will ensure they develop the skills they need to be successful in the 21st century, including strong academic skills but also higher-order critical thinking, analytical and collaborative problem-solving skills. On this path of self improvement and self-discovery, children learn that they are not alone and that encouraging, supporting and working together with others not only leads to success for themselves, but for their classmates and their society as well. As students grow to understand their connection to, and responsibility for, their world, they gain an increased appreciation for the gifts that individuals of a diverse population have to offer.