School Day Structure

Doors open at 8:30 AM and instruction begins at 8:45 AM. The day ends promptly at 3:15 PM.

The school day begins with a 3 hour uninterrupted learning block. During this extended work period students will work towards their academic goals, accessing materials or receiving individual or group lessons from teachers in a variety of subject areas. Students have the flexibility to make choices (with teacher guidance) as to the materials they will use and assignments they will take on to achieve their goals. This long learning block enables students to take on complex projects, dive deeply into challenging assignments and loose themselves in a topic of interest. As a result students build concentration and focus while also developing important self-management and problem-solving skills.

Following this morning learning block is a short presentation period. Here students have the opportunity to present an individual or small group project to their peers. Classmates interested in the subject matter being presented can sign up to listen to the presentation and give feedback to the presenter.

Students enjoy a 30 minute recess followed by a 30 minute lunch period mid day and, in the afternoon, we move into a flexible work block which may include a music class, Hispanic culture class, physical education, and learning experiences from outside facilitators brought in to enhance student projects and support our integrated curriculum.